A lot of bands think that unless they are signing with a record label there’s really no reason to have an attorney. If you’re waiting for that big record deal you might be waiting a while. In today’s digital streaming world there just aren’t many artists being signed to labels.

How can an entertainment/music lawyer help out?

You might consider a consultation if:

  • You need to formalize your band agreement (band agreements were discussed in an earlier post)
  • You need to register your trademarks (band logo, band name) or copyrights (songs, recordings)
  • You need help affiliating with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, or Sound Exchange – these are performance rights organizations (PRO) which assists in the collection and distribution of royalties
  • Someone else is using your band name
  • Someone is using your song without your permission
  • You perform at weddings and need a performance contract
  • You have a band member quit or fired and you need an exit/termination agreement
  • You are the co-writer on a song and you want the ability to exploit (use) the song

The above are just a few of the MANY scenarios that you might want to consult a Texas Entertainment Lawyer about.