Two Dallas men have been indicted on murder charges in the death of an Alabama man who was visiting friends in the city the weekend he died. The Alabama man was an avid fan of Crimson Tide football and had gone to a Dallas bar with his friends that day to watch Alabama’s game against LSU. He vanished from the bar, and his friends reported him missing. He later was found deceased about one mile from the bar.

The men, both 22 years of age, are accused of giving the visiting 30-year-old banker synthetic marijuana — a drug that caused his death. What he was given contained 5-fluoro MDMB-PICA, a substance that court documents called “clearly dangerous to human life.” Side effects can include hallucinations and seizures, among other issues.

According to law enforcement, the Alabama man (who had believed he had been given only marijuana) became incapacitated due to the drugs. Once he was, the Dallas men stole his possessions, then used his credit cards at a local Walmart. 

Because the victim died during the course of the felony theft, the murder charge was added to the indictment against the other two men, who had previously been charged only with aggravated robbery. The two Dallas men were identified after police released surveillance photos from the Walmart store that showed the men allegedly using the credit cards of the dead man. 

This is a complex case with multiple charges. There is much that prosecutors will have to prove in this case to gain a conviction, starting with whether they knew the marijuana they gave the man was tainted. Simultaneously, these men deserve a vigorous defense against each of these charges.