The goal of your divorce is to determine where your children will live when all is said and done. You have to agree on a child custody plan or have the court give you one.

However, divorce can take months. You have a lot more to sort out, such as dividing assets, agreeing on alimony payments, thinking about child support and much more. This doesn’t happen overnight. Where are the children going to live between the day when you file for divorce and the day when that divorce becomes final?

Technically, you and your spouse are still married and can both still stay in the family home with the children. Of course, you may not want to do so after filing for divorce, so what often happens is that one spouse stays with the kids in the home and the other moves out. When the divorce is final, the couple has decided what to do with the house and how to split up time with the kids so that begins at that point, not before.

Some experts suggest that, should one person move out, they just rent an apartment for the time being. They can find a more permanent solution afterward but renting a place to stay gives them the separation that they likely want and the flexibility to live there for a short time.

Every case is different. Some couples still live together. Others don’t. Some can agree on custody schedules; others cannot. No matter what your case looks like, make sure you understand your rights.