“You know, honey, we’ve been married 52 years now, and I love you like the day I first met you, but I thought I might like to try being single. I’ve heard it can be a lot of fun.”

You almost choked on your false teeth when Rose told you she wanted a divorce. Unfortunately for her, you live in Texas, where fancying a change is not considered a valid reason to get divorced. If your wife wants to live her twilight years as a free and single woman, she needs to have one of seven reasons for which Texas law permits divorce.

These are the seven grounds on which you can file for divorce in Texas:

  • Insupportability: If living together is insupportable and there is no chance of it improving. It is the closest Texas gets to the no-fault divorce common in other states. You do not need to give details other than that your marriage is insupportable.
  • Adultery: You will need evidence to back this up.
  • Abandonment: Your partner needs to have abandoned your home for at least a year and have no intention of returning.
  • Living apart: You need to have lived in different houses for three years.
  • Cruelty: It is up to the judge to decide if your spouse’s actions count as cruelty or not.
  • Confinement in a mental hospital: If your spouse has been in a mental institution for three years and there is no hope of recovery.
  • Conviction of a felony: If your partner spends a year in prison due to criminal charges.

If your spouse does have one of these seven motives for ending your marriage you will need the help of a Texas divorce attorney.