Did you know that one person is hurt or killed in a crash around every 20 minutes in Texas? You know that drinking and driving is dangerous, but if you’ve gotten behind the wheel while drunk, you are fortunate that you haven’t become part of that statistic or caused someone else to be.

Though the legal limit is .08%, you should know that you should consider yourself impaired from the first drink. The total number of drinks you consume is just one factor that will play a role in your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), so you can’t rely on that alone to know if you’re impaired or not. Your body’s ability to process alcohol, the food you’ve eaten and other factors can impact how impaired you feel and become.

What should you do if you’re pulled over for driving while intoxicated?

If you’re stopped, you need to have a few things ready for the police. You should provide your proof of insurance, vehicle registration and your driver license. Be aware that the officer is able to ask you to take a breath test. If you refuse, the penalty is a license suspension for 180 days.

Penalties for a DWI can range from $2,000 in fines to many years in prison depending on the number of convictions on your record. Your attorney’s goal will be to reduce the likelihood of a conviction and to fight the charges that you’re faced with. Even if avoiding a conviction isn’t possible, your attorney will work to minimize the penalties that you face so that you can move forward with your life and protect your freedom.