There are many different kinds of crimes that people could be accused of, but some medical professionals face the risk of being accused of running pill mills. Doctors have to walk the fine line of helping their parents by giving them the medications and support they need, but if they give out too much pain medication or too many restricted substances, then there could be trouble.

In Texas, the opioid crisis is just as serious as in other states, and federal law enforcement agencies are working hard to put a stop to it. They are starting to pursue charges against medical providers, pharmacists and others, many times claiming that these individuals are running “pill mills,” or giving patients drugs that they do not need.

The reality is that most doctors are not giving out medications without thought. They may give people who are in chronic pain a variety of options for treatment, and some of those options may include opioids.

How can you make sure that you’re not accused of running a pill mill?

It’s a good idea to:

  • Keep good documentation about your patient’s exams
  • Keep records on discussions about different treatments you’ve tried with each patient
  • Be willing to fill prescriptions at any preferred pharmacy

You don’t deserve scrutiny when you’re saving lives

Good doctors shouldn’t have to worry about being accused of illegally prescribing medications to their patients. As a medical provider, you do what you can to help the patients you care for, and you deserve respect for that.

If you are accused of running a pill mill, it’s important to talk to your attorney about defending yourself. You can show that you’re doing your due diligence and only prescribing medications that your patients need. Your license may be at risk, but your attorney will be there to help you fight back.