You may have heard that job loss is a leading reason for divorce. In a society where both people tend to be employed, if one of them sees their position terminated, that could also mark the end of their relationship.

But how does this happen? Few people marry for money, so why does job loss lead to marital breakups?

Job loss is usually the tipping point for other issues

The big problem, some studies have found, is that job loss can create a lot of issues within the marriage. They all stem from that unemployment, even though the couple may not point to the loss of the job itself as the reason for their unhappiness. 

For instance, in one study, a man lost his job 12 months before meeting with researchers. They noted that they quickly realized that “the crux of the difficulties stemmed…from his unemployment.” Researchers found multiple relationship issues, such as: 

  • The man felt like he had little self-worth.
  • His wife felt pressure to make enough money to support the family alone.
  • The couple said they were fearful about what the future held.
  • They both felt frustrated with the situation and each other, and they felt rather disconnected as a result.
  • The man struggled with depression and wasn’t sure he could get a new job.

While it wasn’t his unemployment itself that ended the marriage, all of these related issues that he and his wife experienced had their roots in his job loss. Many other couples experience the exact same issues.

Understand your options in divorce

If you are thinking about divorce for any of the reasons noted above, or for completely independent reasons, be sure you are well aware of the legal options that you have at your disposal.