Efficient And Aggressive In Civil Law Cases

Whether you face a business dispute or a personal conflict, how you resolve the situation is important. Although a lawsuit does not risk jail time like a criminal trial, it can still lead to serious consequences for your family, finances, career or business.

At Law Offices of William A. Pigg, PLLC, our civil litigation attorneys address lawsuits with precision and attention to the finest details. With our trial experience, we have the preparation and knowledge to resolve complex legal challenges throughout Texas.

Civil Law Is About Protecting Your Interests

Our attorneys are experienced with several types of civil law cases such as:

The risks of each case depend on the circumstances. For example, losing a contract dispute might prevent you from gaining the benefits you expected from a prior agreement.

Law Offices of William A. Pigg, PLLC, understands the unique possibilities of your case. We will assert your rights and claims both within and beyond court. Whether the other party is open to negotiating fair terms, or their stance will not budge, our attorneys will work to achieve the best possible outcome.

Lawyers Who Focus On Your Goals

You will need an effective strategy that matches your ideal results. Our lawyers know that every case is different – even within the same area of law. As a parent, business owner or another individual, you have your own personal goals.

We will work to design a strategy that aligns with those goals. Rather than approach all business cases or all family law cases in the same way, we listen to each client. A personalized strategy can help you get the results you want in the manner you want.

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