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The end of a marriage can be difficult for a number of reasons. In addition to the personal nature of a divorce, there are legal and financial issues that you will have to resolve. These issues can be complex, and the outcome can impact your and your children's future.

At Law Offices of William A. Pigg, PLLC, we work to get your life back on track following divorce. Our team of attorneys can help you overcome setbacks and protect your best interests. We have built a reputation for full-scope family law services in Texas, and we are ready to discuss your divorce with you.

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Throughout your divorce, we can help you resolve several legal issues, including:

  • Asset division: Couples can either settle or litigate the division of their marital property. Marital property can include real estate, retirement accounts, savings accounts, business assets and more.
  • Child custody: When parents divorce, the court must ensure that children will still have proper care. One or both parents could gain physical or legal custody of the child.
  • Child support: Child support orders aim to minimize the impact of divorce on a child's life. These payments must be fair to the child first and foremost, but the arrangement should also be fair for parents.
  • Spousal support: Not all divorces require spousal support orders. However, it may be necessary if one spouse earns or owns significantly less than the other spouse. The length of the marriage can impact the amount as well.

Our attorneys use their experience in a variety of legal areas to find the best possible solutions for your case. With knowledge of business law, we have the unique legal perspectives that business owners need when dividing or protecting business property. Our civil trial experience allows us to effectively represent your interests in divorce trial.

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We understand that divorces are often stressful and emotionally painful. You can trust our attorneys to listen to you and work by your side to achieve your specific goals. Call 214-551-9391 or email our Dallas office to schedule a free divorce consultation.