Estate Planning Focused On Your Life – Not Just Money

Your financial wealth is only a portion of your overall legacy. You also have valuable intellectual and sentimental assets worth protecting. Estate planning allows you to preserve and grow each of these important aspects of your life.

At Law Offices of William A. Pigg, PLLC, our experienced attorneys know that your life and wishes are complex. Not only do we help transfer your financial wealth to the next generation, but we also focus on protecting these assets during your lifetime.

Why Preparation Matters For You And Your Loved Ones

Without at least a basic will or trust, you and your estate may suffer a few consequences. First, your estate would be subject to probate in Texas, which is often a long process that can be difficult for grieving family members. In addition, you would lose the ability to control what happens to your belongings, money, business, and dependents. We can help you avoid these risks.

Every Estate Plan Needs A Different Solution

With guidance from our Dallas estate planning lawyers, you can review your options, including:

  • Wills: In a will, you can determine basic elements of inheritance and personal wishes. However, some people have complex estates or needs that require additional legal tools.
  • Trusts: There are many types of trusts that offer unique protection for your assets. We can help you find the right type of trust for your needs.
  • Health care directives: If you are unable to tell doctors what kind of medical preferences you have one day, a health care directive can communicate these wishes for you.
  • Powers of attorney: If you become incapacitated, a person who has the power of attorney could help represent and protect you. Powers of attorney can apply to financial decisions, medical decisions and more.
  • Business succession: If you own a business, our lawyers can help you name a successor and protect your business assets.

We are not just here to create documents that you will never see again. Instead, we take a comprehensive approach to estate planning. In addition to helping you formalize and update your decisions for your life and property, our lawyers will be there for your loved ones as they settle your estate.

Start Your Plan Today

Creating and updating an estate plan involves many hard and personal decisions. We will respect you while informing you of your options. Call at 214-551-9391 or schedule a free consultation through email.